Press conferences and media reports

Our specialty is creative writing and strategically using bits of information as attention triggers. Directing important campaign information towards the target public and taking control of it are of paramount importance to the development and consolidation of the image of an individual or a company.

Interviews & briefings

Interviews and briefings are special information tools used to generate strong response in the media. Our original ideas, pragmatic approach and the strategic information we provide in detail, all contribute to ensuring the desired level of interest from the consumers of information.

Organizing press trips

Selecting appropriate media outlets and journalists, organizing and carrying out publicity visits in the country and abroad.


Composing speeches for public appearances (seminars, conferences, promotions, etc).

Press office open 24 hours a day

We are available for questions from the media about our customers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Our expediency and prompt reaction prevented several potential crisis situations and contributed to consolidating good relations between our clients and the media.