SERVICES Integrated communications


The audience, visitor and user organization engagement.

Community management – Formation of new engaged groups.

Participation – networking of different social groups.

Research – Advanced audience research.

Digital platforms for audience development – Implementation of advanced digital platforms for each organization


Press conferences and media reports

Our specialty is creative writing and strategically using bits of information as attention triggers. Directing important campaign information towards the target public and taking control of it are of paramount importance to the development and consolidation of the image of an individual or a company.

Interviews & briefings

Interviews and briefings are special information tools used to generate strong response in the media. Our original ideas, pragmatic approach and the strategic information we provide in detail, all contribute to ensuring the desired level of interest from the consumers of information.

Organizing press trips

Selecting appropriate media outlets and journalists, organizing and carrying out publicity visits in the country and abroad.


Composing speeches for public appearances (seminars, conferences, promotions, etc).

Press office open 24 hours a day

We are available for questions from the media about our customers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Our expediency and prompt reaction prevented several potential crisis situations and contributed to consolidating good relations between our clients and the media.


Engineering a reputation

Reputation of a company, an individual or a product is highly important in the process of creating and promoting a business. It takes a long period of time to build it and it can vanish in the blink of an eye. Our teams resort to integrated action. We monitor situation in your surroundings and cultivate quality relations with all publics, thus paving the way to consolidate your reputation and shield you from potential crisis situations.

Corporate social responsibility

Socially responsible projects – we can design, organize and launch socially responsible corporate projects to reinvigorate and reinvent your current image while boosting empathy between your company and its environment.

Employees relations

Satisfaction, enthusiasm and positive energy among the staff guarantee natural development of a company. The Earth PRofessionals have at their disposal proven solutions to ensure such development by designing and developing assorted tools of internal information (internal magazines, press bulletins, etc).

Preparation of corporate publications and annual reports

Composing and production of brochures, company profiles, annual reports, etc.

Crisis management

Anticipating potential crisis, providing effective and timely response, and neutralizing crisis hotspots. Compilation of prevention manuals and action scenarios.


As an important company activity, sponsorship is most effective if it endorses an individual or organization whose characteristics converge with the ideas at the core of your company’s philosophy.


Creative organizing and support from our specialized teams allows us to easily rise to the challenge and put together the most demanding and creative of events.

1. Seminars
2. Conferences
3. Roundtables
4. Festivals
5. Exhibitions
6. Fairs

Digital PR

A new era has ushered in the brand new kind of rapid global communications. Social networks, online news and blog sites are fast becoming the dominant information tools of the day. Cultivating modern digital communications and jumping in the upcoming digital era opens up new perspectives and opportunities to promote businesses.

Online media relations

Web site development, web design, programming and web optimization.

  • Analysis of target groups
  • Strategic media planning and buying
  • Innovative advertising strategies
  • Advertising on all Internet portals
  • Creative ideas and projects
  • Conducting campaigns
  • SEO
  • Online PR
  • Email marketing
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook platform
  • Mobile applications
  • Foursquare management
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Mobile
  • E-shop



Special communications programs aimed at formulating distinctive creative solutions which generate added public communications benefit by being linked to art. Engaging renowned artists from Serbia and the region. Organization of multimedia art events linked with business communications.

Art PR

Communications program supporting artists, art projects and cultural institutions.

Vip PR

Special programs for public figures and those who are about to become one.

Audio PR

Composing music for commercials, web sites, exhibitions, corporate, documentary and feature films. Full service from conceptualizing to post-production in a top of the line music studio.


Exceptional relations with the state institutions and local community ensure getting your information across to all targeted publics.


Introducing new products, communicating towards consumers and business partners. Using communication tools in concert with our partners in the advertising industry contribute to ensuring overall market success of your brand.


Premium visual experience complements any public appearance. Our design and video production teams respond to all creative requirements of our clients.


Analyzing the market and testing public opinion is the best way to obtain relevant and necessary data before starting any major project. Many years of experience and the right information used to generate serious strategy are what sets our research team apart.